Venez rencontrer les mouvements d'Eglise aux Pavillons du Sanctuaire

Mois : novembre 2017

The Legion of Mary welcome to pilgrims of Lourdes

The Permanence of the Legion of Mary in Lourdes

The Legion of Mary has a home, located near the Sanctuaries of Lourdes, with the aim of putting active and fraternal communities of Legionaries at the service of the local Church.

One of the Legionariess tasks is to welcome visitors.

Opening hours are :

MORNING : 10:30 – 12:00

AFTERNOON: 14 :30 – 19 :00

Every day from may 1st to october 7th.

The aim, by receiving visitors, is to present the Legion of Mary to them, and also to know and exchange experiences with other Legionaries who are visiting Lourdes.

  • Pilgrims visiting us can be informed about the Legion of Mary as one of the possible apostolic activities in the Church, in or der to avoid that the pilgrimage at Lourdes becomes a short lived fervour.

  • The legionaries who, passing through Lourdes, wish to share their experience, obtain documents, or widen their knowledge of details of our association.

The reception room

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Légion de Marie, Bld Père Rémi Sempé, 65100 Lourdes


For more information:

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The daily Meeting brings together Legionaries from every countries of the world.

The meeting

Holy Mass is celebrated in this same hall, called « Frank Duff Hall ».

The holy mass

Apostolic work

  • Systematic visits and contacts in the campings to spread the message of Lourdes and to invite isolated pilgrims and tourists to the Day Pilgrimage.
  • Meeting tourists and isolated people in town, outside the Sanctuary, to spread the Message of the Holy Virgin.

The Legion of Mary is present every day, with the banner at the Holy Sacrament procession and, with the Vexillum, at the marian procession.

The Holy Sacrament procession

The marian procession

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